Microsoft is reportedly bringing Razer keyboard and mouse support to Xbox

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It’s been almost a year since Microsoft showed plans to bring
in Keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox and till date, we
haven’t received anything official on that front. Xbox
controller isn’t exactly suitable for many of the titles on
Xbox and that made the news on Xbox keyboard and mouse support
a hot topic to be discussed.

Recent leaks throw light on how Microsoft is getting close
to bringing keyboard and mouse support for Xbox and also
partnering with other third-party vendors for this. A prominent
gaming hardware manufacturing company have reportedly got into
a partnership with Microsoft to bring in their renowned Turret
keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox. Further leaks from the
presentation detail how they are planning to support Razer
Chroma RGB lighting for Xbox titles that desperately need a
keyboard and mouse support.

Details have come forward regarding the guidelines and features
for the Mouse and keyboard support on Xbox. The main catch is
that one console can support only one keyboard and mouse,
unlike controllers.

Features listed for the Mouse are as follows:

Xbox mouse features
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In addition to these, existing USB-enabled mice including
wireless ones working with Windows can also be supported on the
Xbox without custom drivers. It should be noted that these use
the same APIs same as the Universal Windows Platform. To
prevent abuse of mouse and keyboard peripherals which mimic
controller behavior, plans have been laid out to introduce new
APIs which can potentially find and block such devices.

Impact on Multiplayer Xbox titles has been detailed giving a
fair amount of freedom to the developers to use the keyboard
and mouse support. They can use this to find the right balance
in matchmaking and look into the details on how players on
controllers and players on keyboard and mouse go up against
each other. Microsoft also suggested using separate matchmaking
rules for this.

Xbox mouse and keyboard rules for developers
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Only future can tell if these plans will come to fruition as
Xbox is in dire need of a keyboard and mouse support.
Windows 10 Redstone 5 has popped up to include support for
the Razer RS5 lighting support. This can mean various titles
showing up on Xbox that were only playable with keyboard and
mouse support. Gamers would be the winners here as they can
choose how they want to play their favorite games on the Xbox.

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