Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 22H2’s new desktop spotlight feature early

Windows 11 Spotlight feature

If you were wondering that you’d have to wait for Windows 11
version 22H2 to get any major new features, then we have some
good news for you.

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 for consumers and
businesses, officials said they would release
only one big update each year. Some people were worried
that they’d have to wait for 12 months for new features to
arrive on their desktop.

As you’re probably aware, Windows 11 is much more modular than
Windows 10 and Microsoft can deliver updates to existing
features like Windows Settings outside the major feature
updates. This means that Experience Packs alongside the
cumulative updates will be bringing a range of new features and
minor additions.

Microsoft has already released Windows Subsystem for Android
outside the feature update cadence and a new update is now
rolling out with support for Windows 11 22H2’s desktop
spotlight functionality.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Spotlight’, it is a Bing-powered
feature that automatically changes the background of your lock
screen. Spotlight, which has been around since the release of
Windows 8, replaces the static wallpapers with high-def images
provided by Microsoft.

Spotlight is a fun feature, but it only worked on the lock
screen until now. Microsoft has listened to the feedback and is
adding Spotlight support to the desktop with Windows 11 Build
22000.706, which is an optional preview update currently
available in Release Preview Update.

This update will begin rolling out to everyone in the
production channel in a few days and it doesn’t require version

Previously, Spotlight was exclusive to Windows 11 22H2, but as
we expected, cumulative updates now also add or expand existing
features outside the annual updates.

Windows 11 22H2 Spotlight feature

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can turn on the
feature by visiting Settings > Personalization >
Background > Personalize your background. On the next
screen, you need to select ‘Windows spotlight’ and Microsoft
will automatically refresh the desktop background with
wallpapers from Bing.

Microsoft officials noted that this feature works the same way
as it currently does on the lock screen. You can learn more
about new desktop backgrounds by clicking a new desktop icon
which directs users to a Bing page with more information about
each background picture.

Microsoft is also enabling Windows Spotlight on the desktop by
default for new devices (or clean installs using Windows 11.

It is worth noting that the update won’t forcefully change your
preference and you can always disable the feature from
Settings. In addition to Spotlight integration, Microsoft has
also fixed numerous bugs in the optional update, including a
bug that causes potential performance issues.

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