Microsoft is redesigning another Control Panel feature in Windows 10

Windows 10 Control Panel

Control Panel has been a part of Windows since Windows 1.0 and
it has a staunch fanbase of older users who prefer it over the
modern Settings app, which is still missing key features.

Starting with Windows 10 October 2020 Update, Microsoft has
been trying to
push more Control Panel users towards the Settings app and
it looks like the company is going ahead with its modernization

As spotted in the latest preview builds, Microsoft is now
bringing more pages that used to be found in the Control Panel
to the modern Settings app.

In the latest preview build, which was released in January
2021, you’ll be able to find Storage Spaces in Settings too.
For those unaware, Storage Spaces is a feature that allows you
to connect multiple storage devices to your computer and treat
them as a single storage device called “storage pool”.

Storage Spaces in Settings

Microsoft has modernized the interface of the legacy Storage
Spaces feature and added it to Settings > System >
Storage > Manage Storage Spaces. You can click on the
Storage Spaces link to create and manage Storage Spaces from
within the Settings app.

Create Storage Pool

In a podcast, Microsoft explained that setting pages are
created with “accessibility” and “modern experience” in mind.
These pages also offer better integration with native Windows
features, such as Storage Settings and Storage Sense.

New Storage Space

As you can see in the above screenshot, the modern alternative
to Storage Spaces currently allows users to create, add, remove
and optimize storage pools.

You can also use your keyboard and Windows Narrator to navigate
between different pages, and still use multiple storage devices
that rely on different interfaces.

Control Panel is not being removed

Control Panel is not being abandoned, but there’s a good chance
that pages with modern alternatives would just be removed or
disabled at some point in the future to ‘unify’ settings
experience across the OS.

When this happens, some pages of Control Panel will redirect
users to the Windows 10 Settings app. Microsoft will also block
third-party apps that could be used as a workaround to access
hidden Control Panel pages.

Modern Disk Management

In addition to Storage Spaces,
Microsoft is also modernizing the interface of disk and
partition management tool.

These changes are currently live in the preview builds, but
they shouldn’t remain in the testing stage for too long, which
means improved Settings app could go live for the public later
this year.

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