Microsoft is porting Chromium Edge’s feature to Chrome

Chrome and Edge

Ever since Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft, Google and
Microsoft have agreed to collaborate on certain projects. For
example, Google is closely working with Microsoft to optimize
Android for dual-screen devices like Surface Duo. Similarly,
Microsoft is actively contributing to Chromium, the web
browsing platform that powers Chrome and Edge.

Satya Nadella’s Microsoft has made the company more open for
collaboration and as well as Open Source software.

In the latest move, Microsoft has accepted Google’s offer to
port Chromium Edge feature to Chrome browser. In this case, the
feature is Chromium Edge’s ‘Move to new Window’, which allows
users to open a particular tab in a new window.

On Google Chrome, you’ve to drag the tab out of the current
window to form a new one, and you cannot do it via the context

In a commit,
Microsoft says they are also including improvements to
correctly handles pinned tabs. The software giant implemented
the change after a Google engineer asked Microsoft to port
Edge’s context menu option to Chrome.

Microsoft Edge window option


All channels of Microsoft Edge have the ability to move a tab
to an arbitrary window using the context menu:

1. If a single window is open, a “Move to new window” menu item
2. Otherwise, you get “Move to another window”. This opens a
submenu where the user can pick from their existing windows
(identified by window title) or to open a new window.

The commit has been marked active and changes should land in an
upcoming Google Chrome update.

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