Microsoft is planning to release affordable Surface tablets with Windows 10

Surface Tablet
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The only tablets that have got a good response from the
customers were Apple’s iPads. There are a lot of low cost and
premium tablets from manufacturers which are powered by Android
but you couldn’t be productive with Android
tablets. Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup, on the other hand, was
well received but those devices were expensive and more of a
laptop replacement device than a standalone tablet. The market
condition is more or less like ‘if it’s not an iPad, it won’t

This is the reason why we are not seeing any manufacturers
daring enough to sell low-cost Windows tablets. Microsoft’s
Surface devices were always meant to be a reference for other
manufacturers to follow. So if Microsoft makes and sells a
low-cost Surface tablet powered by Windows 10, then the
manufacturers would have the confidence to invest in tablets
powered by Windows 10.

Back in 2012, Microsoft launched the Surface RT at 499$ which
didn’t sell well because it ran Windows RT. Microsoft then
resorted to its Surface Pro lineup which was expensive but
still managed to grab a lot of attention. It was the perfect
2-in-1 device. But Microsoft doesn’t have any device which can
compete with the 10-inch Apple iPad.

The good news is that Microsoft is finally planning to launch
low-cost Windows 10 tablets under the Surface brand. It will
have a 10-inch display, and it won’t resemble the look of the
traditional Surface devices. The report claims that the tablet
will have more rounded edges to make it easier to hold as
tablets are more likely to be used in the hand rather being
placed on a stand. It will also have a USB-C port for charging
and data transfer and that’s it; there will not be any
other ports because tablets are more like smartphones and not

Intel will be reportedly supplying processors and graphics
cards for the rumoured Surface Tablet, and we wouldn’t see
Windows 10 on ARM in this device. While it makes more
sense for Microsoft to go with ARM processors but for some
reason, Microsoft is sticking with Intel processors.

We can expect it to have the Surface Pen support along with the
kickstand for the ultimate productivity. Microsoft is also
working on cheaper Surface Pen, keyboard cover, and mouse.

The tablet will be available in 64GB and 128GB storage
variants. Microsoft is also planning to sell Wi-Fi only models
along with Wi-Fi and LTE variants. It will be powered by
Windows 10 Pro probably with an S mode which locks you to
Microsoft Store apps.

Apple recently launched a 2018 iPad model for just $329. It
appears that the Microsoft’s Surface-branded tablet will
compete with this model. Interestingly, the tablet will be
priced around $400. Needless to say, it will be a good
addition to the large portfolio of Surface devices and it would
be the most affordable Surface-branded device with Windows 10.

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