Microsoft is one of the most admired company in Canada

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According to a study conducted this year, it has been revealed
that Google is the most admired company ahead of its rivals
Microsoft and Samsung in Canada.

Google beat other 240 companies to claim the first spot as the
most admired company not only on local brands but also its
rivals. According to the survey report 87 percent of the users
have a good opinion on Google while only 4 percent of users
were unhappy with the tech giant.

The other tech giants Samsung has been placed at fifth place
with 75 percent and Microsoft on Sixth with 74 percent of users
providing a positive opinion about the company.

To our surprise we found that Apple has been given 48th place
in the list which is way behind its rivals Microsoft and
Samsung. In spite of the recent data leak fiasco Facebook has
managed to secure a position of 35th with Netflix at 24th and
Amazon ranked 15th.

Samsung which saw a drastic fall of ranking due to its
exploding of smartphones has been able to come back and gain
its place by earning the faith and respect of the Canadian

Rick Murray, Managing Partner and Chief Digital Strategist,
National Public Relations, said.“The data is showing that we
Canadians are a forgiving lot. Two brands that went through
prolonged and very public crises in the past few years –
Samsung and VW – have seen the public’s faith and respect in
their brands rebound to pre-crisis levels,”

The study also claims that Facebook is expected to loose its
ranking in the coming months due to its involvement in the
privacy data leak making it to loose faith of lot of Canadian
users very soon.

Samsung is a live example of bearing the brunt of the wrath of
Canadian users due to its phones exploding regularly which made
the company to incur losses with Canadian users not interested
in buying its products till recently.

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