Microsoft is officially bringing web browser-like tabs to Windows 10

File Explorer in Windows 10
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One of the most difficult things while working on your PC is
that you would have multiple web pages, documents, and other
files related to that project which you are working on. Web
pages will be in different tabs in your browser but all the
other stuff will be in different places. You might have
different folders on your desktop related to different projects
that you have been working on. It is really difficult to
remember which folder is related to which project. Also, the
web pages will not be easy to find once you have stopped
working on the project.

Microsoft aims to tackle this difficulty with a new feature in
Windows 10 called “Sets”. Sets was just announced at
Microsoft Build 2018. This feature has been previously
available in Windows 10 Insider previews. Sets will enable
users to group certain apps and web pages into tabs in such a
way that all these tabs will be available in a single window.
It looks similar to the tabs that you open in a web browser.
The difference here being, these tabs will constitute web pages
and also applications so that all the tools required for
whatever project you are working on will be available in the
same window.

Suppose you are working on an article about rainfall. You have
to make an article and also you would have to make a
presentation of the same. This means that you need relevant
information from websites, and make a Word document and a
Powerpoint document. With Sets, you can have these three items
in a single window. You can have different tabs for useful
websites and two other tabs for Word and Powerpoint. This would
drastically improve productivity.

Windows 10 Sets for File Explorer
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Another good thing about Sets is that you can have multiple
windows. You can have one window with many tabs for one project
and you can have another window with many tabs for another
project. These windows can coexist simultaneously.

Microsoft Edge is the tool that you would have to use in order
to access Sets. On clicking on the button to open a new tab,
you would be greeted with links to open applications and files
in addition to your most used and important websites. This
would enable you to open applications and files as tabs in Edge
browser similar to opening web pages.

Sets will also integrate with Windows Timeline so that you can
open a tab with whatever you have been working on previously
and that too from any device which is logged in with the same
Microsoft account. You will also be able to synchronize Sets in
your iOS and Android devices. Windows Timeline is also able to
do that which makes these two the best tools for making
Microsoft’s vision of embracing other platforms a success.

But this isn’t an easy thing to do. First and foremost,
Microsoft would need the support of developers. A few apps are
not necessary to convince people to use Sets. Developers
would have to enable support for Sets in their respective
applications. Another difficulty is convincing people to switch
from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge as Sets is accessible only
if you are using Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft also announced that Sets will only be available to
the public when they feel that it is necessary. This means that
they would need more developer support as Sets will only be
successful if it can be used with all the apps a user needs.
That said, Sets is one of the best features to make
productivity a breeze.

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