Microsoft is now reportedly working on a black Surface Duo

Surface Duo black

Microsoft’s innovative Surface Duo brings a ton to the table,
but it currently comes in only one color variant.

To give the look some new life, Microsoft is finally
considering a new black color variant in the not-too-distant
future and the new Surface Duo might debut early next year when
the tech giant is expected to expand the dual-screen phone to
more markets.

Last week, reliable sources informed us that
Surface Duo is being prepared for the international launch in
early 2021. Microsoft is already in touch with mobile
carriers in the United Kingdom to sell the revolutionary mobile
device to more customers.

As we discussed in our older articles, Microsoft’s Surface Duo
is impressive in the looks department. It comes with glass and
thin design, and it certainly looks premium, but it’s only
available in one color. That’s a real shame, considering the
Lumia-branded phones were offered in numerous color options.

Surface Duo black prototype
Surface Duo / Andromeda prototype

Luckily, a new
rumour suggests that a black color option for the Surface
Duo may be in the pipeline. We just don’t know the release date
yet, but the only thing we do know is that, apparently,
Microsoft could announce the black variant for the United
States and the international market.

Remember that the plans are subject to change and Microsoft
could cancel the black Surface Duo to focus on the next-gen

With Surface Duo, you’ll get two 5.6-inch PixelSense
Fusion displays that become one large 8.1-inch display when the
phone is unfolded. The Duo also includes a 360-degree hinge
that will allow you to use the phone in multiple form factors,
such as tablet mode, book mode, and laptop.

Surface Duo includes Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of RAM, with
either 128GB or 256GB of storage. You’ll also get a 3,577mAh
battery that is spread under the two displays.

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