Microsoft is not retiring enterprise apps for Windows Phone this month

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Microsoft initially planned to end support for all of its
business apps on Windows Phone including Skype for Business,
Microsoft Teams, and Yammer this month but the company appears
to have changed its plans.

Microsoft was supposed to drop support for Microsoft Team and
Skype for Business on Windows Phone by end of May, but it
appears that the support period has been extended as some
enterprise apps for Windows Phones will continue to work beyond
this month.

While we don’t know why Microsoft has decided to push back the
retirement dates, but it’s likely that this is the result of
feedback received from customers using Windows Phones.

It is worth noting that Microsoft Teams will be pulled from the
Microsoft Store on July 20 but it will continue to
function until October 20. While on the other hand, Microsoft
is planning to remove Skype for Business from the store in
December 2019 and August 2018 for Windows Phone 8.1.

Both apps were originally scheduled to get discontinued this
month. However, Microsoft Teams and Skype for
Business apps will live for a little bit longer.

“Although Microsoft continues to support Windows 10 Mobile, we
are not focused on building new features for the system. We
will continue to invest in Microsoft Teams mobile apps for iOS
and Android and in desktop apps for Windows and Mac,” Microsoft
said in a blog post.

As Windows 10 Mobile operating system is still quite popular in
the enterprise segment, Microsoft will remain committed to
Skype Business for Windows 10 Mobile until late
2019. Windows 10 Mobile operating system itself is
projected to reach the end of support in late-2019.

“Beginning in December 2019, Skype for Business on Windows 10
Mobile, will no longer be available for download,” the company

Microsoft last year announced that Windows 10 Mobile operating
system is no longer developed and the platform will stop
receiving the security update by end of 2019. While the company
has discontinued the mobile platform, Microsoft is still
working on a mobile-type device called Andromeda which could be
unveiled later this year.

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