Microsoft is modernizing web controls in Chromium for Windows 10

Edge browser

Microsoft has been collaborating closely with Google Chrome to
work on modern form controls for Chromium-based browsers. As we

spotted in the past few months, Microsoft has been looking
into different ways to modernize form controls to update design
of basic UI elements like date picker.

The modern web controls in Chromium will also offer improved
touch friendliness and accessibility that has always been
offered with the original Microsoft Edge. Microsoft noted that
it plans to bring the refreshed controls to Chromium Edge with
the upcoming preview builds, and other Chromium browsers will
also gain these improvements.

With improved form controls support in Chromium, Microsoft
hopes to offer continuity of design and user experience across

Modern web controls

Better touch and accessibility support

Form controls will also prepare Chromium browsers for new form
factors that use a touchscreen.

“We heard your feedback looking for a better touch input
experience in our early Chromium preview builds, and set out to
take an inventory of the controls to identify opportunities to
improve the touch experience,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft also plans to improve accessibility features in
Chromium with form controls which offer deeper integration with
Windows 10.

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