Microsoft is making it harder to use Windows 10 local accounts

Windows 10 microsoft account

Windows 10 has always preferred that you log into your PC using
a Microsoft account and Microsoft has made it more and more to
difficult to use a local account on your PC. In 2019, reports
revealed that Microsoft forces users to log into their
computer with a Microsoft Account and option to create a local
one has been removed.

It looks like Microsoft has quietly updated its Windows 10’s
Setup experience to force Microsoft account for international
users as well. Instead of offering an option to create a local
user account on a new PC, Windows 10 will recommend you to use
a Microsoft account instead.

Some users have noticed that local account option has also
disappeared for Windows 10 international versions including the
German and India version.

Microsoft account does have its advantages, but some users
would prefer to use the local account for better privacy.

We were able to reproduce this behaviour after multiple
attempts. In our testing, if you download Windows 10’s November
2019 Update system image and set up it on your device after
connecting to the internet, you could be prompted to log in
with a Microsoft Account at the end of the setup process.

The option to create a local account wasn’t visible on our test
machine, but it can be restored by disconnecting internet
connection. If you’re using a wired connection, you need to
unplug Ethernet cable. For WiFi connection, turn off the

Or you can also put your laptop in Airplane Mode if your laptop
or desktop’s keyboard supports it.

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