Microsoft is investigating Windows 10 update issues

Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 KB4556799 is plagued with
audio issues and temporary user profile bug, according to
user reports. Additionally, it appears that Windows 10’s
important security patch is causing performance issues
including frame-rate drops and Blue Screen of Death errors.

Some users have reported about this problem on Reddit (1,
3) and
Microsoft forums, and others have also complained about Blue
Screen of Death (BSOD) on online forums.

Many users have reported that Windows 10 KB4556799 is causing
audio issues, where the default audio output stops working or
stuttering is noticed.

There is also a re-emergence of the nasty Temporary user
profile bug, which hides user files and disables any settings
such as desktop wallpaper back to the default values.

While users have flagged bugs across multiple forums, it’s
unclear how widespread these issues are and it’s possible that
users with a particular configuration are only affected.

In a support document, Microsoft has now confirmed that they
are aware of the issues reported online and is investigating
the complaints. However, Microsoft says it had not seen any
issues in the “telemetry, support data, or customer feedback
channels” yet.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft will only have access to
telemetry data of Windows Updates when users flag the issues in
the Feedback Hub under the correct category. If you have audio
problems after the update, you should head to the Feedback Hub
and flag the bug under the Audio category.

Most users have posted about the bugs on forums and social
channels only. As a result, Microsoft does not have enough
telemetry or support data in the customer feedback channels to
identify the root cause.

“We are actively engaged with customers who are reporting
issues,” Microsoft noted.
“We continuously investigate all customer feedback and are
closely monitoring this situation.”

Since we first reported on Windows 10’s latest messes, more
users have described the problems they’ve faced since
installing KB4556799.

If you’re facing issues after recent updates, you can uninstall
the update by following these steps:

  • Open the Settings menu by typing “Settings” in Windows
  • Choose “Update and Security”.
  • On the left-hand side, click on “Windows Update”.
  • Click on “View Update History.”
  • Click on “Uninstall update” option.

In the next screen, choose KB4556799 and uninstall the update.

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