Microsoft is improving Chrome audio & scrolling on Windows 10

Chrome dark and light look

Microsoft finally has a browser that works as intended and the
software giant is actively contributing to the Chromium
platform. Microsoft’s contribution has equally helped Edge and
Chrome, and the company is working on several other

Microsoft has been working on ‘percent-based’ scrolling for
Chromium on Windows 10, which makes mouse wheel initiated
scrolls be interpreted as a percentage of the size of the
intended scroller.

Microsoft says Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome
translates one tick of the scroll or arrow key press to a fixed
value in pixels. On Windows, one mouse wheel tick translates to
100 pixels and it causes problems on smaller scrollers.

According to Microsoft, Chrome’s current implementation will
scroll the viewport by a large fraction of the visible
content and it could be annoying.

In a new commit,
Microsoft revealed that their team has ported EdgeHTML-like
scrolling and it translates each scroll tick into a percent.
The result is an appropriate scroll distance regardless of the
size of the scroller.

The commit has been merged into Chromium and it could be
implemented in Google Chrome in future.

Audio improvements

Microsoft is working
on ‘Audio Category’ support for MediaSteam API that will
improve the quality of audio during calls, meetings, chat
rooms, team chat, etc. With Audio Category, Micorosft says it
will allow developers to specify audio stream for users and
improve the audio quality.

The proposed solution below was inspired by the categories that
Windows offers for audio streams. These categories allow
developers to specify what kind of audio stream users want. For
example, when speech is enabled, the operating system will
optimize the stream for that type of input.

“The proposed solution below was inspired by the categories
that Windows offers for audio streams. After some research, we
found that similar categories exist across Android, iOS, and,
of course, Windows,” the company said.

“The Audio Category is a proposed addition to the MediaStream
API that will allow websites to fetch audio streams that fit
into certain categories,” Microsoft added.

If the improvements to MediaSteam API are added in Chrome, you
can expect improvements in your audio messages or calls.

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