Microsoft is hiring engineers to shape the future of Surface Duo

Surface Duo front
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In July, Microsoft hired a number of engineers and designers
from global design services company based in Romania. According
to reports, an internal team has been formed in Microsoft
Devices division to shape the future of Surface Duo and its

Surface Duo, which will be based on Android 10 (with Android 11
support coming later this year), is expected to begin shipping
in the last week of August. Rumours have previously suggested
that the work has already begun on Surface Duo 2 and Microsoft
has now started expanding the internal team.

According to multiple job posts,
Microsoft’s Surface Post Launch Software team is on a journey
to hire engineers and shape the future of Surface Duo. In the
job post, Microsoft explained that the team is the face of
in-market products with the goal of delivering great customer

Surface Duo phone

Microsoft says the senior software developer is required to
have a strong background in shipping consumer devices and they
should be familiar with Linux kernel, firmware, Android
Framework and Android apps.

Microsoft has also published other job posts that appear
suggest Microsoft is working on multiple dual-screen devices.
While a sequel to the Surface Duo is apparently already in the
cards, it’s unlikely to arrive in 2020.

Surface Duo OS development

Until June, development of the Surface Duo’s Android OS was
outsourced to third-party outfits, including a Romanian based
company called Movial. Last month, Microsoft hired engineers
who were previously working on Surface Duo OS for its new
internal team.

The plan to hire more staff for the future of the dual-screen
devices does indicate that Microsoft is serious about Surface
Duo-like mobile device or pocket-sized computer.

The first-generation Surface Duo with Snapdragon 855, 6GB of
RAM, 256GB of internal storage, and the 11-megapixel front
camera will reportedly begin shipping the week of August 24.

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