Microsoft is finally taking steps to fix Surface Duo’s buggy software

Surface Duo buggy software

After the launch of the Surface Duo phone, Microsoft has
officially become an Android hardware maker. Surface Duo is
Microsoft’s first Android phone and Microsoft is fully
committed to following Google’s monthly update release

Earlier this month, Microsoft started rolling out the
October software update for Surface Duo with multiple

The October software for Surface Duo comes with all the
security improvements that are rolled out by Google to their
Pixel lineup. In addition, this release includes performance
and user experience improvements for the dual-screen device

Microsoft says it has worked on refining the touch input of the
Duo and the company has also enhanced Facebook Messenger’s
experience when you use the app on the single screen.

Microsoft has also made changes to improve call stability and
address call drop issue reported by Verizon, AT&T and
T-Mobile customers.

Now, Microsoft is rolling out a new update to the Microsoft
Launcher to further improve the software experience on Surface
Duo. This release ships with updated app icons and fonts.

In addition, Microsoft is introducing support for new app
folder layout and there are improvements for the gesture
support. Users have reported that the gesture support on the
Surface Duo is buggy, but after the Launcher update, you will
notice better performance when working with gestures.

Here’s the complete changelog of the recent updates for Surface
Duo phone:

  • Improved performance and system stability.
  • Addresses call drops and connectivity issues under certain
  • Reduces Camera and Edge launch time.
  • Improves Microsoft Launcher’s gestures, folder, and app
  • Applies Google’s October security patch.

It’s also worth noting that
Microsoft is internally working on a camera update for the
Surface Duo that will add support for zzHDR mode, improved
image stabilization, and more.

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