Microsoft is finally giving Windows on ARM a much-needed boost

Windows on ARM

ARM-powered devices running Windows 10 are now slowly coming to
the market after the tech giant announced the platform in 2017.
Windows 10 on ARM is a pretty big deal and it’s basically
designed for ARM-based hardware (Snapdragon), with
next-generation devices from the likes of Asus, Lenovo, and HP
on the way.

The first Windows 10 on ARM PCs were shipped with a long list
of compatibility issues and Snapdragon 835 processor, but the
latest reviews of this platform have been pretty positive.

Microsoft has been investing a lot on emulation support for
Windows 10 on ARM. With emulation, you can run apps designed
for other architecture, such as x86 (32-bits), but there’s a
catch – x64 (64-bits) apps cannot be emulated or installed
unless they’re recompiled for the ARM architecture.

With a new update arriving in November, Microsoft says you can
now finally run x64-bit apps, thanks to the new emulation layer
included in Windows 10 on ARM.

The new emulation update should allow you to run most of your
desktop apps, but performance concerns remain.

Windows 10 on ARM emulation

As we mentioned above, you can currently run native ARM64 apps
and x86 apps in emulation. If any developer is interested, they
can still recompile the software as an ARM64 app for improved

If the developers are unable to recompile their apps for
Windows 10 on ARM, users can now run the x64 apps via

Any Windows 10 desktop apps will simply run via the emulator
and this is good news because Snapdragon devices have become
increasingly more powerful. For example, Qualcomm’s newest
Snapdragon chips offer better performance and the resources
should be enough to smoothly emulate x64 apps.

With 64-bit emulation support, Windows 10 on ARM could finally
become a viable option and you can expect more affordable
devices running this OS. Unfortunately, performance concerns
will remain and we don’t how well they’ll work on older

Microsoft will share more details during the October event
where the
company is expected to launch Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop

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