Microsoft is bringing Modern Standby feature to Windows 10X

Windows 10X modern standby
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Most traditional laptops take several seconds to wake and they
don’t download your emails or social media updates in the
background (i.e when the laptop is asleep). To address this
problem, Windows 10 comes with ‘Modern Standby’ support, a
special standby mode where your device will download data while
it sleeps.

It appears that Windows 10X will also ship with Modern Standby
feature to enable that instant-on, always-connected experience.

As you may be aware, Windows 10X is a new operating system
built on top of Windows Core OS and it’s expected to launch
between March and June 2021.

Although Microsoft doesn’t want to publically talk about
Windows 10X and the future of Windows 10, it seems though the
company has quietly updated older support documents with
additional information on the next-gen operating system.

In a new update to the support
document, Microsoft confirmed that it has added support for
Modern Standby in Windows 10X.

Modern Standby mode

On Windows 10X devices, modern standby experience could be
similar to the way phones work. For example, Windows 10X will
download your emails, fetch social media updates, and update
the content in Progressive Web Apps before you’ve even finished
lifting the lid – because, even with your laptop asleep, it’s
still connected and updating itself.

Windows 10X single screenMost Windows Store
apps (UWP and PWAs) can take full advantage of this feature in
Windows 10X. Programs like Outlook Mail, Calendar, Photos,
OneDrive, etc can also download large files including
attachments when your device sleeps.

Modern Standby is basically a low-power idle state that will
allow your device to stay up to date when it is connected to
cellular or Wi-Fi connection. It will also bring
instant-on, always-connected and on-the-go experience to
Windows 10X PCs.

We don’t have any more details about the new modern standby
mode and we don’t know if it will work with a wider range of

In addition to Modern Standby,
Windows 10X is also expected to ship with several new
features and improvements, including a
new File Explorer, reliable driver updates, and more.

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