Microsoft is bringing Fluent Design to Accounts Dashboard webpage

Microsoft Fluent Design
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Last year at Build 2017, Microsoft had introduced their new
design language would be embedded by them in their Windows
ecosystem. It was called Fluent Design Language system that
consisted of 5 basic elements Depth, Motion, Scale,
Material, and Light around which this whole design system
works. Since it’s launch we have seen Microsoft implementing
various components of this Fluent Design Language on
Windows 10 and the native inbuilt apps.

Microsoft has also announced the introduction of Fluent design
language for their web services and they had posted few demos
for the web fluent design as well. An important highlight of
those demos was that Microsoft made sure that the design
language feels same across web and Windows ecosystem.

Microsoft has today teased us with their upcoming changes
to the Microsoft Account website dashboard which now has Fluent
Design language to make the website feel more informative and

The changes in the Microsoft account dashboard page mainly
contains the introduction of the Depth and Motion
component of the Fluent Design language. When a user hovers
over a card on the MS account page it slightly pops up with a
shadow in the background and gives an effect of depth with
respect to other cards. Hovering over card also has the motion
effect with beautiful animation on the icons to highlight a
little more detail about the content.

Currently, it is not available to everyone rather only a
handful of users were able to try this out. Our readers
can check out the MS account page here and see if they can
get an early look at what Microsoft been working with their
accounts web page. The public rollout depends on the feedback
from the users and if everything goes as per the plan, you can
expect the new design in the coming weeks.

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