Microsoft is aware of Windows 10 KB4532693 critical bug

Windows 10 cumulative update

Windows 10 has been experiencing serious issues due to
problematic update ‘KB4532693‘,
which was released on February 11 with fixes for various
security vulnerabilities.

Like every Patch Tuesday release, KB4532693 was supposed to be
an important cumulative update, however, users have widely
reported that the
patch removes their data from desktop and Start menu.

People who have it installed are reporting that Windows 10’s
desktop, settings, and Start menu boots in a default state as
if they’ve have created a new user account. Any apps and
programs that were pinned to taskbar or desktop such as
shortcuts have disappeared.

For some folks, Microsoft’s buggy patch has also reverted
Windows 10 customization and other settings to default values.

As we reported last week, the issue is experienced when Windows
10 boots with a temporary user profile, which doesn’t have the
shortcuts and icons on the desktop and Start menu that users
created in their main account.

In a conversation with Microsoft’s support team, multiple
employees told us that Microsoft is aware of the issue and are
actively investigating the situation.

“Microsoft is aware of this known issue and our engineers are
working diligently to find a solution for it,” a staff stated.

Microsoft’s support team says they were able to resolve the
problem on affected PCs by creating a new user account and
manually transferring the data from the temporary user profile
to a new one.

“[We] create a new local account user then transfer the
personal files from the temporary account to the new account.
After that, we can just delete the temporary account,”
Microsoft employee said.

You can also restore your data by uninstalling the cumulative

KB4532693 may have a file deletion bug

While some people have been able to restore their files, but
people have completely failed to find their vanished personal
files and they are unable to restore the files that were

Some users have also
encountered a Blue screen of death (BSOD) and boot failures
after applying the update.

We don’t know if Microsoft is aware of the isolated reports of
another bug that wipes out data and the company itself has yet
to acknowledge the mess publicly.

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