Microsoft is aware of two new issues in Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 update bugs warning

Windows 10 October 2020 Patch Tuesday updates suffer from a
flaw whereby some users are unable to update their Office
products. In another support document, Microsoft admitted that
Windows 10 suffers from certificate loss issue when you update
the systems using ISO and other media installation tools.

A lot of users have reported that
Windows 10’s October patch leads to File Explorer issues
and Blue Screen of Death errors. While Microsoft has yet to
acknowledge the reports of system crashes, there appears to be
another bug affecting the ability of Microsoft Office 365 to
download patches on some systems.

After applying the October 2020 Patch Tuesday updates, users
are getting errors when they try to update their Office
productivity suite. The message is ‘Download of Office 365 file
failed, error =”.

Office 365 file failed

On Twitter, Microsoft engineer David James issued a
warning for users deploying the October 2020 Update. According
to David James, the October 2020 Patch Tuesday could prevent
both Configuration Manager and Memcm from downloading
Office 365 updates.

The bug appears to be hitting both Windows 10 client and
Windows Search when the October 2020 Patch is installed.

Microsoft is aware of the issues in Windows 10’s October 2020
update, but the company has yet to document the workaround. For
now, if you have issues with the update, you need to uninstall
the patch and update Office products on an unpatched system,
and then reinstall the October Patch.

In another support document,
Microsoft admitted that a bug Windows 10 update process is
causing certificate loss. When this happens, you might
experience problems when accessing some features, apps,
services, or websites.

Microsoft is recommending users to avoid updating the operating
system using USBs, DVDs, ISO files, etc. This applies only to
some devices, primarily those managing the updates using a
management tool such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

As we mentioned at the outset, Windows 10 latest update also
appears to be trashing some computers with Blue screen, black
screen, performance issues, audio issues, and a bunch of other

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