Microsoft is aware of issues with Windows 10 version 1803 and IObit Advanced System Care

Windows 10 update
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Microsoft recently released Windows 10 April 2018 Update and
cumulative update with fixes but some users claim that the

update is causing a black screen when booting up the PCs.
It is worth noting that not everyone is seeing this problem but
the number of systems impacted by the issue has grown
significantly in the last few weeks.

It’s quite easy to recover a broken PC as the users would just
need to boot the PC into safe mode and try uninstalling the
update. Restoring the system back to the Windows 10 Fall
Creators Update also appears to be working in most of the

It appears that apps such as IObit Advance System Care
could be the culprit. Some users on Microsoft Community
forum claims that a compatibility issue
between Windows 10 version 1803 patch and IObit
(Advanced System Care) app is causing a black screen on some

Arden White, Senior Program Manager, Windows Servicing and
Delivery told us Microsoft is already aware of the issue
with IObit Advanced System Care and they are addressing

It’s not yet known when a fix could land but it’s likely that
Microsoft will address all the compatibility issues in Windows
10 April 2018 Update next month, probably on next Patch
that takes place on June 12. And obviously, only a small number
of PCs are experiencing such issues.

There are few critical bugs in Windows 10 April 2018 Update,
though none of them appears to be widespread. The users are
always recommended to update the software and apps before
installing any Windows 10 version.

The next cumulative update for Windows 10 April 2018
Update is also likely to fix other unreported bugs and improve
the overall performance of the operating system.

For those who don’t know, IObit Advanced System Care is
one of the decent solutions to speed up Windows PCs, and it’s
quite popular among the users.

Disclaimer: Windows Latest has no intention to defame IObit
and its apps. The article is based on reports from users and a
statement from Microsoft. We shall not be held
responsible and/or liable for anything we say in this

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