Microsoft is adding Shortcuts menu to Chrome PWAs

Progressive Web Apps

Microsoft has been trying to tackle the lack of apps in the
Windows Store with Progressive Web Apps. Microsoft allows
developers to submit and publish their PWAs in the Store and
the company is also working to improve support for PWAs
available outside its app store.

Google Chrome v70 brought support for PWAs on Windows 10, but
the difference is that these apps run within the Chrome window.
Unlike the PWAs available in the Microsoft Store such as
Twitter, Chrome-powered PWAs miss out on several Windows 10
features and deeper integration with the OS.

Right-clicking on any app pinned to the taskbar brings a
context-menu, also known as shortcut menu or jumplist. The
open-source Chromium also allows users to right-click the PWAs,
but users cannot start a key task such as ‘Compose a new tweet’
through the context menu.

Chrome PWA shortcuts menu

On the other hand, PWAs available in the Microsoft Store
enables multiple options in the shortcut menu. As per a
Microsoft is working to add Windows 10 support for the
Shortcuts menu to Chromium browsers.

“This proposal adds support for shortcuts defined in a Web App
Manifest such that users get the same quick launch bar app icon
menu experience as with native apps,” wrote Rahul Singh, a
member of Microsoft Edge team.

“Chromium currently supports adding PWA icons in several
locations like the desktop, start menu on Windows, and the
quick launch bar as part of the installation process. These
shortcuts are aimed at helping users quickly launch the PWA.
However, Chromium currently does not allow users to start a key
task within a PWA through the quick launch bar icon menu,”
Singh added.

Microsoft noted that Jumplist (shortcuts menu) for the PWA’s
taskbar icon is created automatically during the installation
of the app. The menu is based on the details shared by the

The commit is currently marked as ‘Work in progress’ and it’s
not clear when Microsoft will roll out these changes to Chrome.

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