Microsoft is adding a nifty feature to Edge, Chromium on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge on Windows

Microsoft has recently started working on a new feature for the
open-source Chromium project that would benefit various
browsers, including new Edge and Google Chrome. As per a new
Microsoft wants to add a new feature to Chromium that would
allow users to view password hidden under the asterisks.

In an upcoming version of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge and
Google Chrome, the reveal password option will allow you to see
the text that you type in the password field. It’s also worth
noting that reveal password option will come with hotkey
support on Windows 10 and users will be able to view the
password with a keyboard shortcut.

As per another commit, Microsoft is considering Alt-F8 keyboard
shortcut to reveal the hidden password.

Microsoft says the reveal button would only appear with direct
user input. The reveal button may disappear if the password
field is not empty in the first place or if the browser loses
the focus and regains it later.

“In conjunction with the radio and checkbox CLs, we’re wanting
to gather feedback on the best approach to extend the
implementation of controls to enable upstreaming of content
that is valuable to any Chromium distro as well as the
potential need for extending them for OS/Distro specific needs.
One such example of this that we have provided for feedback is
the Password Reveal. We will begin the standardization approach
of a ::reveal() pseudo as well, but would like to gather
feedback on this approach to influence how we build out the
various other controls,” Microsoft Edge engineer noted in a

It’s also important to note that the reveal button would show
up only for passwords that you enter into the field. It will
not show up for autofill passwords.

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