Microsoft hints about massive improvements to Windows 10

Windows 10 concept

According to a job listing, Microsoft could be working on
several improvements for Windows 10’s existing features
including Windows Indexer, notification system, localization,
and more.

There’s an interesting job posting published on Microsoft’s
career portal that we spotted
earlier today. Microsoft is seeking a Software Engineering
Manager for its Application connectivity team to improve
existing features on Windows 10 and also prepare them for
Windows 10X.

The posting makes specific mention of a new term ‘dial-tone’
reliability, described as the new objective for Microsoft’s
notification system. In the job post, Microsoft promises to
make Windows 10 notification system more reliable to deliver
notifications on time from both first-party and third-party

In addition to a new notification system, Microsoft is also
working on an improved version of Windows Indexer, which powers
Windows Search and File Explorer.

Users have reported that the Windows Indexer process can cause
high load situations on some machines, especially when search
indexing runs. According to this new leak, Microsoft is
finally making changes to Windows Indexer that would allow
users to ‘rapidly find their files and information’.

Support for cloud-clipboard and application sharing across
Windows and Microsoft devices is also being improved.

“COSINE is responsible for several critical components that
enable sharing and connectivity for all Windows applications
including clipboard and sharing; localization and indexer; and
notifications. We are now recruiting for a Development Manager
who will take the team to the next level,” Microsoft noted.

It’s unclear when these changes will be shipped to Windows 10,
but Microsoft says it plans to work on these features ‘as
needed’ to support next major releases of the OS.

next major update is Windows 10 May 2020 Update, also known
as 20H1 update, but as that is due to arrive in May 2020, it’s
very unlikely that new indexer and notification system will
appear in this.

As Microsoft is still looking for engineers to advance the work
on this project, we’ll have to wait longer.

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