Microsoft gives users Privacy the much needed boost in latest build

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Earlier in the day we reported that Microsoft has released a
new Windows 10 Build 17704 for Fast and Skip Ahead Insiders.
The latest build brought many new features to Microsoft Edge, a
new Skype app and also new improvements to the Privacy section
of Windows 10.

With the latest build Microsoft has made sure that they are
concerned with the Privacy of their users and have rolled out
the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer.

The Diagnostic Data Viewer gives info of the data which is
being collected by Microsoft and the Redmond Giant allows the
Windows 10 users the option to see Problem Reports like crashes
and bugs reported by the Insiders for Microsoft to work on.

Windows 10 users will be able to get details like the
application or component which has created the bug report along
with the time as to when the report was generated and sent to
the Redmond Giant.

Microsoft has proved earlier also that they are committed
towards improving the privacy experience of Windows 10 users
and this update is expected to provide users with the much
wanted proof.

The Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer is expected to be made
available for all Windows 10 users once Redstone 5 is available
for download this fall. Microsoft in a note explains: “Our
promise to upholding the highest standards of privacy will
continue to be a top concern. When you use our products and
services, we want you to feel confident that having great
experiences and features does not mean sacrificing your
privacy. It’s your device. You deserve to know what’s happening
on it,”.

Microsoft has been criticized on lot of occasions during the
making of Windows 10 for collecting users data without proper
authorization and hence has now decided to give Windows 10
users full control of the data they send to Microsoft server’s.

Microsoft is expected to bring in more privacy improvements to
the feature in upcoming builds before the public launch of
Redstone 5 at the end of this year.

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