Microsoft gives us a closer look at Windows 11’s design elements

Windows 11 design

Windows 10’s most notable change is the addition of a new Start
Menu, notifications center design borrowed from Windows 10X.
The Start menu is centered, and Microsoft is also implementing
rounded corners everywhere. Additionally, Windows 11 is getting
a new Mica material that aims to improve the look and feel of
the app windows.

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 aims to create a new design
that truly feels like Windows, but it comes with an interface
that is softer and decluttered. For example, it uses the Mica
effect that allows the inactive app windows to fade into the
background to help users stay focused.

Microsoft says they have tried to reduce clutter and touched
all-important corners of the operating system. “We really
wanted to design from the ground up without forgetting where we
started. That iconic silhouette, the taskbar, the Start Menu.
We heard from users, they wanted something that felt a little
more natural,” the company said.

Start menu animation

On its YouTube channel and Instagram, Microsoft has
also given us a closer look at new animations for app icons and

For these new icons and apps, Microsoft looked at things like
dimensionality, depth, light, typography, geometry and shape.

“New materials, new icons, new behaviours and interactions.
Down to the literal pixel. We’ve thought about things in terms
of natural lighting,” Microsoft said. “Good design. Good design
is not just functional. It’s got to also be beautiful. Then
when you touch the icon you also look at the topography and how
do those fit together nicely.”

Mica is also one of the biggest changes that you’ll see on
Windows 11. According to Microsoft officials, Mica is a
material that would pick up the colour from your wallpaper and
apply it to the title bar and other areas of the app, as shown
in the below images.

Mica is noticeable only when it’s in focus and then it fades
into the background when that the window is inactive.

Windows Settings, File Explorer and other Windows 11 features
are already using Microsoft’s new Mica material along with
Fluent Design. In fact, Microsoft has already started working
on a
new design for Chromium Edge with Mica and Fluent Design to
match the look and feel of Windows 11.

The updated design for Chromium Edge is under development and
it will eventually get better. In addition to Edge, we’re also
expecting similar design improvements for other Microsoft apps.

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