Microsoft finally stops hiding last updated date of apps in Windows 11’s Store (web)

Windows 11 app store updated date

It’s not a secret that Windows Store has an app problem. In
fact, the famous “app gap” was one of the reasons for the
downfall of Windows Phone. Back in the days of Windows 10
Mobile, many developers ignored their code for Windows Store to
focus on popular mobile stores like Play Store or Apple Store.

In an attempt to hide embarrassment, Microsoft removed the
“last updated” date from the Microsoft Store on all
Windows-powered devices. It was pretty much impossible to tell
when the latest version of a specific app was published in the
Microsoft Store. In fact, users relied on random Twitter
handles to track app updates in Store.

Microsoft made this change without acknowledging it on any
public platform and it’s widely believed that the tech giant
wanted to hide the fact that many apps in the Store were
updated a long time ago. These theories certainly make sense,
especially given the fact that apps on the Windows Store were
more or less outdated as compared to Android.

Microsoft Store web last updated date
The last updated date missing in the old store

Needless to say, the practice was against Microsoft’s own
transparency policy and the company has finally taken a step
toward restoring the “last updated date”.

Microsoft Store app updated date

As we reported recently,
Microsoft has started rolling out its new web store to
users on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Today, Microsoft has published another server-side change that
restores the “last updated” section, which finally reveals when
apps have been updated. While it may not be a useful change for
many users, it’s still an important and necessary
‘transparency’ feature for some folks.

This could also encourage developers interested in the Store to
keep their apps fresh and it will also help users determine
whether an app is well maintained by the developer before
making a purchase.

A closer look at the new Windows Store for web

As mentioned at the outset, there’s a new design for the
Windows web store.

If you’re not able to access the native app store on your
desktop, you can always look up an app from the web store.

Microsoft Store popup

Microsoft’s web store has been updated with a fresh look, a new
design that is in line with Windows 11’s Fluent approach. This
new web store matches Windows 11’s native app store and it also
comes with new categories to make make it easier to browse apps
and games.

You will find all familiar apps, such as Notepad and Office, in
the web store. Additionally, Microsoft’s updated app store for
the web also indexes desktop Win32 apps.

You can click on the ‘install’ button to immediately install
the app via a new Store pop-up which means you don’t have to
manually open the native store.

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