Microsoft explains how Windows 10 will get new features faster

Windows 10 new feature updates

Microsoft is working on a major overhaul of how new features
and improvements are delivered to Windows 10 via Windows
Update. In a bid to make the update process faster, Microsoft
recently announced ‘Windows Feature Experience Pack’, which is
designed to provide users with features and updates as separate

Windows Feature Experience Pack is currently available for
testers in the beta channel of the Windows Insider program. At
the moment, Microsoft is using the Experience Pack to test
improvements for the built-in screenshot tool and 2-in-1 tablet

In a new Twitter thread, Microsoft clarified that ‘Windows
Feature Experience Pack updates’ will get folded into the
already existing servicing process for Windows 10.

The improvements included in Windows Feature Experience will
ultimately get released to mainstream customers through Windows
Update as part of the monthly optional updates.

“Any Feature Pack update that goes to retail customers (e.g.
non Insiders) get wrapped into the normal servicing of Windows.
Think “C” preview releases, etc. There isn’t any additional
servicing happening,” the company said.

Next year, you’ll notice a jump in both ‘OS build’ number and
‘Windows Feature Experience Pack’ at the same time after
applying monthly updates from Windows Update.

Windows Experience Pack

The future plan is to deliver new features during monthly
optional updates for Windows 10 and Insiders will get some
additional features for the OS without downloading a new
preview build.

For consumers, this means that Microsoft could soon release new
features, improve them or even remove them during the monthly
servicing rather than waiting for the major OS updates, which
happen twice a year in the spring and the fall.

It’s worth noting that Windows 10X (Microsoft’s modular OS)
will also use “Feature Experience Pack” for a modular updates

In addition, Microsoft claims that Windows 10X operating system
will download and apply updates in less than 90 seconds by
separating the OS into different containers.

In the future,
Windows 10 is also expected to get Windows 10X-like faster
updates and the Experience Pack could be the very first
step in the process.

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