Microsoft Edge’s PDF reader is getting another great feature

Microsoft Edge is gaining new features with every Edge Canary
and Dev updates—everything from
built-in screenshot tool to the new PDF page view. It’s
part of Microsoft’s plan to migrate all existing Edge features
to the Chromium Edge and compete with Google Chrome.

When Chromium Edge was first launched, you’d have found that
the PDF capabilities were bare-bones and you could only
navigate between pages, zoom in, zoom out, save, print or

Over the past few months, Microsoft has added numerous features
to the PDF reader,  including a new feature that allows
Edge to recognize the structure of the document itself and
enable access to the table of contents.

Currently, browsers like Google Chrome and Edge simply allow
you to zoom in, zoom out, or adjust the width of the document.

Microsoft wants to further improve the reading experience with
the new “page view” feature. This is a new addition to Edge
that will allow you to use the computer’s screen as a journal
by displaying two pages at the same time.

Edge two pane PDF

You can now open a PDF within Microsoft Edge and access the new
“page view” option from the browser’s toolbar that slides down
from the top of the page. The options within the toolbar
include: table of content, zoom out, zoom out, zoom in, rotate,
fit to the page, and page view.

Tap the ‘page view’ option within the toolbar, and it will
allow you to change the layout and display two PDF pages right
next to each other.

Microsoft Edge PDF page view

It’s a pretty neat addition and
Microsoft is also working other PDF features, including PDF

Note that Microsoft is not planning to compete with
full-fledged PDF editors, but Microsoft wants to improve the
reputation of Edge as a PDF reader on Windows.

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