Microsoft Edge’s new feature will stop tabs from eating your RAM

Microsoft Chromium Edge

Microsoft is working on a new feature for Microsoft Edge that
lets the browser tabs ‘sleep’ if the tabs have been running in
the background to free up memory.

Last year, Google introduced a similar feature called ‘freeze
tabs’ as a way to reduce the amount of RAM used by the browser
and Microsoft Edge appears to be getting a better version of
the same feature.

Microsoft Edge’s sleep tabs feature doesn’t actually close your
tabs. In theory, it only suspends tabs that you’ve left fallow.
According to an experimental flag in Edge Canary, this feature
will automatically put idle background tabs to sleep to save

If you’re someone who keeps over a dozen tabs open at any given
time, this feature could help you boost the performance of
Windows 10, especially on low-end hardware.

In addition, when it’s time to revisit that tab, you need to
simply click on it.

It also appears that Microsoft will allow you to configure a
timeout setting to decide when to put the background tabs to
sleep automatically.

“Windows Sleeping Tabs should consider observed site
characteristics as heuristic violations when opting-out
domains. These characteristics are related to background
notification such as modifying the tab title text, favicon, or
playing audio while backgrounded,” Microsoft said.

We don’t know whether Microsoft will allow you to whitelist any
tabs, but this functionality could be introduced too if there’s
enough request from the testers.

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