Microsoft Edge will soon support WebP image format

Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft remains committed to the Edge browser and the company
recently announced that they have started implementing support
for Google’s WebP image format in Windows 10’s default browser.

Today Microsoft published a new extension in the Store called
“WebP Image Extensions” that’s supposed to enable support for
the new image format in Edge. It is, however, worth noting that
the extension doesn’t seem to be working for all users.

If you install the extension from the Store and try to run it,
the Edge browser will still display some gibberish text instead
of the image.

WebP before in Edge

It appears that the feature is still being worked on, and Edge
will soon support the WebP image. We are now one step closer.

The WebP image format is currently developed
by Google and it’s based on a technology acquired with the
purchase of On2 Technologies. Unlike the JPEG and PNG
images, WebP is an image format employing
both lossy and lossless compression.

The websites are slowly migrating to WebP to create richer
images that would also make the web faster. Google says that
the images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs.

Microsoft Edge will soon follow in the footsteps of Google
Chrome, which already offers support for WebP image format.

You can find the extension here.

Microsoft Edge is slowly getting better with every Windows 10
update, and the company is also testing other features and

Microsoft Edge will be getting a major update with the arrival
of new
Windows 10 Redstone 5 update that is projected to see
daylight in the fall. This means Microsoft has enough time to
improve the new Edge before the public release.

Microsoft Edge is still not on a par with Chrome in terms of
but it’s more battery efficient than Chrome. Without a
doubt, Microsoft Edge will continue to evolve before the
Redstone 5 update gets the release date. You can expect more
features to be included in the next preview builds.

It’s worth noting that Google Chrome is still the most popular
web browser on Windows operating system, and Microsoft Edge is
in the fourth position with close to 5% market share.

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