Microsoft Edge will soon make it way easier to manage flyout menus

Microsoft Edge flyout menu

Managing the flyout menu for downloads, history and favourites
is about to get a whole easier in Microsoft Edge. In the Canary
channel, Microsoft has started testing new controls for the
flyout menu that will allow the browser to remember the last
pinned location of downloads and other hubs.

Microsoft has been working on a new toolbar experience for
a while now and the tech giant’s plan is to allow users to
access their history, collections or downloads instantly
without navigating to different pages of the browser.

The new hub/pane view for downloads, collections or history is
still optional and users need to pin it manually. In the latest
effort to improve the flyout menu experience, Microsoft is
testing a new feature that will allow the menus to remember
whether they were previously pinned.

As per the flags menu, this feature is coming to Mac, Windows
and Linux.

Edge flags menu

“We’ve heard feedback from some of you that you’d prefer to
have the new Favorites, History, Downloads, and/or Collections
panes remain pinned until you decide you’re done, rather than
unpinning automatically when the pane is closed,” Microsoft

To facilitate this feature, Microsoft has added a new flag
“Persist pin state for menus” and it comes with three options.

The first new option will add a unpin button. If you select
this option, Edge will replace the close button in the flyout
menu with an unpin button. If you want to close the flyout,
simply click on the menu icon (Favourites or Collections) in
the toolbar.

Edge menu unpin

The second options lets you have both unpin and close buttons.
If you use this feature, you will see two options in the pane –
unpin and close.

Edge menu unpin and close

The third experimental design will add a new option in the “…”
menu of the hubs that will allow Favorites or Collections to
always open as a pane until you disable it manually.

Edge menu always pinned

You can still open the full page for these hubs by
middle-clicking or control-clicking on the toolbar icon.

Microsoft is currently looking
for feedback from users and the company wants testers to use
these new options for one or two days before sharing their

The experimental flag is available in the Edge Canary channel
(Build 92.0.874.0+) and it’s coming to the Dev channel soon.

It’s also important to remember that these new options are
currently only enabled for Favorites and Collections, but
Microsoft will update the Downloads hub with the same
functionality in the near future.

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