Microsoft Edge vertical tabs, screenshot tool to get even better

Microsoft Edge new features

Microsoft is testing multiple new features that will allow
users to better manage Chromium Edge on Windows 10. In a new
feedback post, Microsoft has confirmed that it’s considering a
new feature that will allow you to display tabs on the right
side of the window instead of top and left (vertical tabs).

Currently, the vertical tabs layout allows you to access your
tabs on the left side of the window, which is quite useful in
avoiding accidental tab closures and rearranging multiple tabs
at once by using a keyboard shortcut or cursor.

Microsoft is now planning to allow users to move Vertical Tabs
to the right side of the screen.

“This is something we’ve seen requests not only submitted to us
directly but also on our social channels! The team is currently
reviewing this item,” Microsoft said in
a statement, but it’s not yet clear when the feature will be
introduced for the browser.

The option to change the alignment of tabs can help users
improve work efficiently and there are also aesthetic benefits
that many people will prefer when tabs start appearing
vertically in their preferred location.

This will also make it easier to manage large numbers of tabs
simultaneously, especially if you prefer tabs on the right-hand
side of the display.

The screenshot tool (Web capture) is getting even better

Last year, Microsoft Edge was updated with a new feature called
“Web Capture”, which basically allows users to capture
full-page screenshots of the website they’re browsing.

After you’ve taken a screenshot using web capture, you can
preview it, save it and share it using Windows 10’s native UI
sharing feature.

Web Capture in Edge

A new experimental flag suggests that Microsoft may even add an
option to detect various scrolling sections on a website and
allow users to select sections of subscrollers when using the
screenshot tool.

In addition to these improvements,
Microsoft Edge is also getting support for Chromium’s tab
search with a timestamp.

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