Microsoft Edge updates on Windows 10 with dark mode tweaks

Edge Dev on Windows

Microsoft has released an updated version of Edge Dev and
Canary with both new features and fixes for the reported bugs.
The latest update for Microsoft Edge Dev comes with dark mode
tweaks and several other enhancements, including the
introduction of a new policy that would delete browsing data
upon exit.

Edge for Windows 10 offers both dark and light theme
experience, and the browser also respects your Windows color
settings. In Microsoft Edge Dev Build, Microsoft has
added a new dark/light theme toggle to the settings. With the
new theme option, you can now switch between dark and light
themes without having to modify the Windows 10 system-wide
theme settings.

Microsoft is also bringing dark theme treatment to feedback
screenshot editor window, first-run experience, and sign-in
error popup. The other improvements include the ability to
import cookies from classic Edge and an option to delete
browsing data automatically upon exit.

Edge theme settings

The update also introduces a new browser policy that would
prevent the browser from marking downloads as unsafe when they
are downloaded from a trusted or well-known source. Previously,
the browser prevented downloads of files from some sites that
are trusted.

Microsoft Edge will display a confirmation box when Do Not
Track requests is enabled.

The update includes a number of fixes and improvements. For
instance, a bug has been fixed where Netflix content won’t play
and the platform would fail with error D7111-1331. Another bug
where sync will get stuck in the initialization phase has been
resolved in this update.

If you don’t see the aforementioned changes in Edge Dev, you
probably have the older version installed. To update Edge, go
to the About page and allow the browser to check for updates.
You will have to relaunch Edge to finish the installation.

All these changes are also available for Microsoft Edge Canary,
but there are some additional improvements. Randomly selected
Canary users will see dark mode on the New Tab Page and

Windows 10 Share integration in the latest release.

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