Microsoft Edge update is rolling out with history and open tabs sync

Microsoft Edge syncing feature

If you’re a Microsoft Edge user, there’s now an easier way to
access those tabs and browsing history on your other devices,
including a phone or desktop, without manually sharing the
links with the copy-and-paste ritual.

A new server-side update is rolling out to Microsoft Edge
stable and it makes history/tabs syncing possible, but only if
you sign into the browser with your Microsoft account across
all your devices.

History and tab syncing is one key feature that has been
missing since Chromium Edge’s inception. The ability to sync
history and tabs first started rolling out to Edge Canary users
in October and it looks like it’s finally ready for production

In our case, setting to turn on tab and history sync was
activated automatically in the stable version of Edge. If your
device is included in Microsoft’s A/B testing, the option to
sync ‘History’ and ‘Open tabs’ would not be greyed out and can
be turned on manually.

Edge history and tab sync

Once enabled, you can begin syncing your history and open tabs
between different devices logged into the same Microsoft
account. The syncing will work only when it is enabled in all
installations of the browser.

It’s likely that more Microsoft Edge users will begin seeing
the feature enabled with future builds or server-side updates.

The rollout of improved syncing support is not a huge surprise,
as it was previously promised by Microsoft in 2020.

It’s also worth noting that
Microsoft is currently working on Edge 88 update with a new
security feature (password monitor), improvements for the
PDF reader, and more. It’s possible that the tech giant is
planning a wider rollout with Microsoft Edge v88 in January.

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