Microsoft Edge to revive a classic feature RSS feeds on Windows

Microsoft Edge RSS

After Google, Microsoft is now also testing RSS-powered
‘Follow’ button and feed that would help you stay connected
with your favourite websites. In Edge Canary builds for
Windows, Microsoft has started testing a new feed that
introduces native RSS functionality with Collections

Platforms like Google News or Microsoft News have put an end to
the classic days of RSS, which still powers popular aggregation

Google News, Google Discover and Microsoft News are
algorithm-based approaches to deliver content to the users, and
plenty of people have been looking for a way to curate their
news feed. Right now, if you want to subscribe to the RSS
feed, you need to rely on RSS readers or use web apps like

“We’ve heard it loud and clear,” Google said when the feature
was reintroduced in Chrome for Android.

Microsoft’s implementation for the same feature is called
“followable web” and it’s currently rolling out to select users
running Edge Canary. The flag to enable this experimental
feature appeared nearly three months ago and it has been
reintroduced in the latest update as part of the company’s
controlled beta testing.

As the name suggests, Followable Web allows users to access a
curated feed of updates from their favourite websites using a
Collections button within the toolbar. It’s also housed in the
Collections panel and articles published by publications will
appear in a modern feed when you open the browser next time.

Edge RSS feed

At the moment, Edge’s RSS feed feature is part of Collections
so you’ll need to tap on the Collections button. In future,
it’s possible that the RSS feed feature will be moved into the
toolbar of the browser with its own button.

Microsoft is also introducing a new “Follow” button which will
be located in the address bar of the browser. The sites you
visit in Edge will have a “follow” button in the address bar if
they have a supported RSS feed, and updates from the site will
also appear in a new side panel.

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