Microsoft Edge roadmap: Linux support, themes and more

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft is working on a number of new features and
improvements for its revamped Edge browser, which is based on
the same Chromium code that powers Google Chrome, Opera, and

As the browser is based on the same underlying code as Chrome,
Microsoft can finally focus on adding unique features to Edge
rather than improving webpages compatibility.

Microsoft is also contributing to the open-source Chromium
project and more than 1,600 code commits were made by Edge
engineers in 2019. Some of those contributions include smooth
scrolling, improved PWAs support, accessibility, ARM64 support,
better performance, and more.

According to the roadmap, Microsoft is developing several new
features for Edge browser including Chrome themes support.

Linux version

Microsoft Edge is already available on Windows 10, 7, macOS,
Android, iOS, and it’s finally coming to Linux later this year.

Microsoft has once again confirmed that a Linux version of Edge
is planned, but the company hasn’t officially committed to a
launch date yet. At the moment, we don’t have any timeframe at
all, but it’s likely that the Linux version of Edge will be
released in the second half of 2020.

Themes from Chrome Web Store

Edge theme settings

Microsoft Edge already supports Chrome extensions from Google
web store and the browser will be getting Chrome themes support
later this year.

Microsoft will allow users to install and use themes from the
Chrome web store. Microsoft is internally testing themes
support for Edge, but the current implementation has ‘hit some
snags’ and some extensions are behaving in unexpected ways.

Edge sync improvements

Sync features in Edge Canary

Microsoft has already enabled sync support for extensions
between devices in Edge Dev builds. In summer, Microsoft Edge
will also enable sync of browsing history between devices.

Inking support

The classic Microsoft Edge comes with its unique support for
inking, which allows you to use a stylus on a supported device
and perform many actions such as highlighting.

In the near future, the new version of Microsoft Edge will also
gain web ink support.

Nifty improvements

  • Set custom photo as the New Tab Page background.
  • Read aloud support for PDFs.
  • Clear browsing data feature will let you keep specific
  • Easily block a website from auto-playing video and audio.
  • Update toolbar with share button.

Microsoft is also considering feedback for transparent themes,

Fluent Design, classic Edge’s tab side feature and Cortana
integration in Chromium Edge.

The company has no plans to enable mouse gestures and Google
accounts integration in Edge.

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