Microsoft Edge Preview receives a new update for iOS users

Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS (1)
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft couple of weeks ago added many new features for its
Edge browser for iOS users. The previous update for Microsoft
Edge on iOS brought visual search, default search engine
options and more. You can read our dedicated article

Today the company is pushing out another new update for its
Edge browser for iOS users who have signed in to test the
application. The latest update brings with it a new setting for
signing in both with a personal Microsoft account and school

Microsoft has also added a new account toggle icon on the top
left of the browser which shows you the browsing history. There
are also two new options ” What’s new” and “Tips webpage”
introduced in the settings and more menu.

For easily discovering what new options in the settings menu
has been included there will be a new blue dot beside the new
option in any updates. Users will also be able to view Book
annotations except PDF free form inking after the latest

Microsoft has been hard at work in improving the Edge
experience for users on Windows, iOS and Android. With all the
hard work put in by the Redmond Giant, Microsoft Edge has
managed to overtake Google Chrome on both Android and iOS at
least based on the store ratings on both platforms.

Microsoft Edge currently has a rating of 4.4 on Google Play
Store and 4.2 on Apple’s App Store versus Google’s Chrome which
has a rating of 4.3 on Play Store and 3.7 on App Store.
Microsoft which launched Edge as an Windows 10 exclusive later
decided to expand it on rival platforms.

With the Edge browser Microsoft allows the Windows 10 device to
be in sync with Android and iOS by introducing Continue on PC
feature which lets users to continue from where they left off
while switching from one device to another.

As reported the latest Edge update is available for Beta
testers who have signed in to the TestFlight program provided
by Apple.

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