Microsoft Edge now lets you stack tabs vertically without title bar

Microsoft Edge vertical tabs update

Microsoft is making another major change to the way Chromium
Edge looks on Windows 10 and macOS, and it could be enough to
tempt you away from Google Chrome, especially if you like the
vertical tabs feature of the browser.

Last year, Microsoft introduced the ability to switch from
horizontal tabs to vertical (left-hand edge). This feature is
official called “vertical tabs” and it has been designed to
reduce clutter and improve the overall multitasking experience,
according to Microsoft.

When a lot of tabs are open horizontally, you may struggle to
identify them by looking at their shrunk favicon. The vertical
tab addresses this problem with support for extra space and
drag-and-drop. However, the problem with vertical tabs layout
is that the title of each page is also visible horizontally.

Edge vertical tabs
Vertical tabs with title bar (current)

As you can see in the above screenshot, each tab gets a larger
text description, but there’s clearly some wasted space at the
top. The same tab information is disabled two times when we use
vertical tabs. Thanks to the feedback from users, Microsoft now
wants to free up space at the top of the browser window.

Edge vertical tabs title bar
Vertical tabs without title bar (upcoming)

Edge 91 or newer, it’s now possible to hide the title bar
when using vertical tabs. You can set Microsoft Edge to hide
its title bar when the vertical tab layout is active and this
feature can be controlled through the browser’s settings.

However, you could only enable it through an experimental flag:

  • Open Edge://flags after updating to Edge 91.
  • Search for Vertical tabs hide title
    Flags menu in Edge
  • Enable the flag.
  • Relaunch browser.

It’s likely that the new vertical tabs control will generally
arrive through controlled rollouts in the coming weeks or
months. If you want to try out the new layout in the stable
builds without downloading the beta or canary builds, simply
follow the above steps.

Once the flag is enabled, space will be freed up and window
controls location will be changed slightly.

In near future, users can also right-click the title bar or
right-click an empty area of the tab management to enable or
disable the title bar.

In addition to vertical tabs improvements, Microsoft Edge 91
also ships with sleeping tabs, startup boost, and a number of
other improvements including Immersive Reader mode for
Wikipedia pages.

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