Microsoft Edge now lets you save money on online purchases

Microsoft Edge stable update

Microsoft Edge has garnered quite a following after it was
upgraded to the Chromium open-source platform and it’s getting
better in the latest release. Microsoft Edge is now getting a
new feature that purportedly helps you find the best price for
your items and apply publicly available coupons.

Microsoft Edge version 86.0.622.61 now comes with a new feature
called “Shopping” and it’s enabled by default, but it works on
some websites only. In our tests, we found that the feature
works only on popular platforms, such as BestBuy, Dell, etc.

The browser already allows you to compare price across multiple
platforms using the Collection feature. After the update, you
can now apply coupon codes generated by the shopping sites and
coupon platforms.

Shopping in Microsoft Edge

If you’re on Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.61 or newer, you can turn
on the feature from the settings:

  • Open Edge settings.
  • Search for “Shopping”.
    Edge shopping feature
  • Enable the option that reads “Save time and money with
    Shopping in Microsoft Edge”.

The feature appears to be rolling out to some users only, so
you may not see it in your browser right now.

Microsoft is using its search engine Bing to sniff popular
e-commerce and coupon discount platforms and pull out the
relevant data. When you visit a shopping site, Microsoft will
check its pricing data using Bing and extract the relevant
information, and then show discount coupon codes.

The price comparison feature, internally known as
“MSColllectionsPriceComparison”, was first enabled in Microsoft
Edge’s beta channels. After testing it with Insiders for more
than two months, Microsoft is finally bringing it to the

Earlier this year, Microsoft said that this is just the
beginning of the shopping journey and Chromium Edge will be
getting more features to help you save time and keep more money
during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday, and Christmas

It’s worth noting that the tech giant is also working on a
bunch of
other new features for the Chromium Edge including new PDF
experience, favourites bar, history button in the toolbar,
and more.

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