Microsoft Edge might get Windows 10’s Fluent Design

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10

After approximately one year of beta testing, Microsoft has
Chromium-based Edge browser for Windows 10, 7 and macOS.
Chromium Edge, which runs on the same web engine as Chrome,
comes with its own exclusive features and as well as the
features available in Google’s browser.

The new browser from Microsoft has a new and sleek look, but it
ditches Fluent Design in favour of rounded corners and a
standard design.

When Microsoft announced its Chromium Edge project in late
2018, the company promised to keep the look and feel of the
browser untouched. After developing several features, it looks
like Fluent Design is now one of the priorities for Microsoft.

Microsoft quietly revealed that it’s looking
into feedback from users on Fluent Design, rounded corners and
animations. In the coming months, Microsoft plans to focus on
these areas:

  • Themes for Microsoft Edge’s main interface—tab management,
    address bar, and menu.
  • Microsoft may reconsider the tabs and browser buttons that
    have been rounded too much.
  • Fluent touch: Transparency and other material effects.
  • Reveal effect: Adds Fluent Design’s Reveal focus that would
    animate the border of a tab or button.
  • Smaller tab band and address bar/toolbar on desktops or
    devices lacking touch support.
  • New animations.

“We have been working closely with our designers to get a look
and feel that aligns with our Fluent Design language and meets
our standards for usability and accessibility,” Microsoft’s
Edge team said.

The implementation of Fluent Design in Chromium Edge is still
in its early phases. The Chromium Edge’s Fluent Design is
currently not even close to the classic Edge browser.

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft is still considering
these feedbacks and Fluent Design changes may or not may arrive
before the second half of 2020.

Microsoft recently revealed that new
Edge will begin rolling out to everyone on Windows 10 later
this year. A Linux version is also planned, but Microsoft
hasn’t yet said anything publicly about the exact launch

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