Microsoft Edge is set for a big upgrade on iOS and Android

Microsoft Edge iOS

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and macOS is updated frequently
with new features and improvements. Earlier this week,
Microsoft Edge 90 was released with an improved downloads
manager, updated history sync, new PDF features and more.
However, the mobile version of Microsoft Edge is still

At Ignite conference, Microsoft promised that it will begin
using the same codebase across all supported platforms and
bring parity between desktop and mobile apps. As part of the
ongoing efforts to improve the Edge experience on iOS,
Microsoft is relaunching the TestFlight program.

In the coming weeks, more spaces will become available for
Microsoft Edge Insiders. If you’re already part of Apple’s
TestFlight program for Edge, make sure that you have the latest
version installed and you’ve launched the browser a few times
this month.

If you don’t actively test Edge beta builds on iOS, Microsoft
might remove you from the TestFlight and allow new users

Microsoft Edge for Android

For Android, Microsoft has already started testing a new Edge
Canary update based on Chromium 91 and it comes with
much-needed performance improvements.

Microsoft Edge for Android now comes with all the experimental
features available in Google Chrome, but it does not have the
support for the reading list feature, which was introduced last

The updated Edge Canary on Android offers better performance
and features parity with the desktop than the current (regular)
Edge. For example, there’s a new menu layout and you can now
easily change the layout of the homepage and switch to focused
or inspirational mode.

While the updated Edge experience for iOS is still being
tested, you can try out the preview builds of Edge on Android
via the Google Play

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