Microsoft Edge is now more popular than Firefox on desktop

Edge web browser

According to the latest market share report, Microsoft has
added new users to Edge on Windows and macOS in March, and the
browser is now more popular than Firefox. The increase in
adoption of Microsoft’s browser could be attributed to it
promoted with Chromium features.

The new Edge retains all of the functionality Chromium brings
with it, including compatibility with extensions and themes
downloaded from Google’s web browser. In addition to Chromium
features, Microsoft has also created its own exclusive features
for Edge such as Collections, PDF reader, smooth scrolling and

New Edge feels very much like Chrome and it’s clean and quick.
Like Chrome, Microsoft Edge offers quick and responsive
performance with customizable appearance, and it’s compatible
with the familiar Chrome experience.

According to NetMarketShare, Microsoft Edge has reached 7.59%
desktop browser market share, surpassing Firefox, which sits at
the third position with a market share of 7.19%.

Microsoft’s ability to bundle a quick and convenient
Chromium-compatible browser within Windows is finally paying
off and market share is likely to increase in the coming

Edge market share

Google Chrome remains the number one web browser for desktop
users with a market share of 68.50% and there’s no way
that Edge will topple Chrome’s market share anytime soon.
However, this is still the best chance for Microsoft to win the
browser wars in years.

The new Edge currently needs to be downloaded manually, but it
will become a preinstalled feature on all Windows 10 devices
later this year. It’s possible that the market share will
increase significantly after the migration completes and
Windows 7 users upgrade to Windows 10.

Last week, the tech giant said it’s working on three new
features to improve your online safety and productivity.

Microsoft plans to roll out a password monitor and manager,
vertical tabs UI, and a Smart Copy features to Edge users later
this year.

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