Microsoft Edge is now getting a new Games panel on Windows

Microsoft Edge Games panel

Microsoft Edge is competing with the likes of Chrome and
Firefox to be the best browser on Windows. It may not have a
huge market presence like Chrome, but it’s a quality browser
and Microsoft is trying to improve the experience with new
optional features. Now, it seems the company wants to offer
something for gamers with a new feature “Games panel”.

Microsoft Edge’s Games panel, which appears to be another
unwanted addition to the browser, is a new way to surface games
in web results and it has been made with those of you who play
browser-based games in mind.

Unlike Opera GX, which has been designed for performance,
Microsoft Edge’s Game panel is not going to make any changes to
the browser when you’re playing games. Instead, the Games panel
will surface results from MSN Games on the right side of the
Microsoft Edge window.

Microsoft Edge Games panel update

As you can see in the above screenshot, Microsoft is adding a
“Games” toggle to the toolbar of the browser, next to your
address bar or beside the rest of the options like history,
downloads, etc.

If you click on the button, a new panel will appear on the
right side of Edge, similar to Collections. The panel will
fetch results for browser-based games from MSN Games, which is
a casual gaming website with single-player and multiplayer
games like Solitaire, Mahjong Arcade, and other full-feature
pay-to-play versions.

Clicking on items listed within the panel will launch the MSN
Games website in the browser and you will be able to play the
game of your choice.

Like the rest of the appearance toggles, Edge’s MSN Games
feature is also going to be entirely optional and it will be
disabled by default. You should be able to turn it on from the
browser’s appearance settings.

Edge Games panel button

Microsoft is still testing the Games panel for Microsoft Edge
and it seems to be rolling out to select users as part of the
company’s controlled rollout process. Based on the feedback
from users, Edge’s latest feature will eventually make its
way to the stable channel behind an experimental flag.

Edge to get RSS feed integration soon

In addition to the Games panel,
Microsoft Edge update will also revive a classic feature called
“RSS feeds”.

In the Edge Canary update, Microsoft is attempting to bring
back the RSS feed with a new toggle called “Followable Web”
which will be part of the existing Collections panel. This will
allow users to follow their favourite sites and find new
stories by navigating to the Collections menu.

Like the Games panel, Edge’s RSS feed integration is rolling
out in stages, so you may not see the improvements on your

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