Microsoft Edge is getting two new features in next update

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge was launched in January 2020 for Windows 10,
Windows 7, macOS, and
it’s also coming to Linux later this year.

Microsoft is working on refining the experience of the Edge
browser and one priority is bringing the top features from the
old Edge to the new one.

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is getting a new shelf-based
downloads experience, which now allows you to open your
downloads, save your downloads in a location of your choice,
cancel the download, and even delete the downloads directly
from the browser.

Microsoft has also included one new option called “Ask me what
to do with each download” where you can set the default
downloads experience.

New Edge downloads UI

As we mentioned above, you’ll be able to delete the downloads
directly from the browser by right-clicking on a downloaded

Delete file downloads UI

“We hope that this will help users who like to download files
automatically while still keeping their downloads folder
clean,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Chromium Edge’s new download experience is still available in
the Dev channel and it’s unlikely to land in the stable builds
anytime soon.

Recently, Microsoft also started
working on another feature for Chromium called “window controls
overlay (WCO)”.

On Windows, the title bar area contains the minimize, maximize,
close etc. actions, and this area can also be customized by
developers for frequently used UI like a search box, profile,
messages, etc.

Edge PWA

For the Chromium browsers, Microsoft is proposing “window
controls overlay” that will provide the maximum addressable
area for web content.

Later this year,
Microsoft Edge is also getting the ability to take screenshots
with Web Capture, view a PDF’s table of contents for
navigation, website permission setting for sites, and a bunch
of security improvements.

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