Microsoft Edge is getting new features to help users multitask and explore

Microsoft Edge new features

Microsoft is now testing three new features – Windows Name,
Profile, and Tab Search – in Chromium Edge to help users
multitask and explore new webpages. The three new features are
currently available in Edge Canary via the experimental flags
and command-line script.

The ‘window renaming’ is a new feature for users that want to
name browser windows for easier window management and app
switching. In Edge Canary and Dev, you can simply right-click
on the title bar and select ‘Name window’.

This will open a pop-up menu with a textbox to help you set the
custom name for the browser window. Window renaming is also
coming to Google Chrome and it could be a nifty addition for
users that prefer to reduce clutter on the desktop by
organizing each window based on the contents.

Window Name

For example, you can use this feature to keep your social media
tabs and work tabs in separate windows with an appropriate
name. It’s also useful if you rely on Windows Timeline for

Moving tabs from one profile to another

In Microsoft Edge or any other browser, you can have multiple
profiles for different users or your own activities. For
example, you can maintain a profile for work and another for
personal browsing to keep things separate.

This is a very common practice when users use the same browser
to keep things synced.

Microsoft’s new profile switching will allow you to easily move
tabs from one profile to another. In Edge Canary, you can now
move your tabs from the current profile to other profiles
without having to launch another instance of the browser or
copy/paste URLs.

Microsoft Edge profile window

To enable this feature, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Edge flags menu.
  • Search for “Move tabs to profile -window”.
  • Enable the option.
  • Relaunch the browser.

You can simply right-click on a tab and then select the profile
of your choice.

Tab Search in Edge

Google recently started working on tab search feature for
Chrome and the feature has appeared up in today’s Edge Canary
update, but it’s currently hidden behind command line flag.

The company is also rolling out
new Smart Copy and
scrolling improvements to Chromium Edge in the Canary

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