Microsoft Edge is getting new features for multitasking and more

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is getting new features in
the latest update to improve the push notifications experience,
enable support for better multitasking with custom window
names, and improve your PDF reading experience with notes

The first new feature is called “background notifications” and
it’s now rolling out to everyone using Microsoft Edge 85 or

As the name suggestions, background notifications will allow
Microsoft Edge to send you alerts from your favorite websites
and services when the browser is not running in the background.

Currently, if you want to receive push notifications on Windows
10, you need to open the browser or at least minimize it to the
taskbar. This new background notifications support will allow
Microsoft Edge to send you the push alerts when the browser is
not actively running.

Chromium Edge is also getting support for notifications badges
on the taskbar for the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Custom window name for multitasking

Microsoft is finally enabling support for anew feature that let
will allow you to name Edge windows for easier multitasking.
With this feature, you can give a custom name to your windows
for easier window management.

In the latest Edge Canary builds, you can right-click on the
title bar and choose to name the windows. The feature is now
available for everyone and it’s not hidden behind any
experimental settings or flags.

Edge custom window name

It’s also worth noting that window naming is a feature
developed by Google engineers and it’s now heading to Chromium
Edge after Microsoft engineers found it useful.

Window naming is optional and it could improve multi-tasking
and tab management but it depends on how you use Edge.

Edge PDF notes

In addition, Microsoft is now allowing testers to highlight
essential points in the PDF document with a text note. To add a
text note, you need to right-click anywhere within the PDF and
select ‘Add comment’.

Microsoft has also
started rolling out the new Favorties menu experience to
users in Edge Canary.

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