Microsoft Edge is getting new Edge Bar feature on Windows

Remember Microsoft Edge’s experimental web widgets? The feature
is now called “Edge Bar” and it comes with a new sidebar that
lets you easily navigate between your favourite websites from
the desktop. Edge Bar is a Microsoft Edge exclusive widget and
it is similar to Windows 10’s News and Weather feed, except
it’s stuck to the browser instead.

Microsoft Edge Bar brings the internet to your desktop,
according to Microsoft. With this new feature, you can stay up
to date with a Bing-powered personalized news feed and you can
also get the latest updates on weather, news, sports, stocks
and more.

As you can see in the below screenshots, Edge Bar is similar to
the Windows 10 News and Weather feed on the taskbar. And it
also seems to be based on Windows 11’s widgets window.
Additionally, Edge Bar would remain visible on the desktop when
you close Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Bar for Windows

Like Windows 11 Widgets, you can personalize the Edge Bar
experience by adding your own tabs to the bar. For example, you
can pin Outlook to Edge Bar and access your emails from

Microsoft Edge Bar Outlook

Even when you close Microsoft Edge, you can still access the
Outlook and other contents of Edge Bar via a floating icon that
sits on top of Windows apps. Your favourite websites will
render properly in Edge Bar if they have a responsive design.

Microsoft Edge Bar

Microsoft Edge Bar’s information cards

By default, Edge Bar shows cards on topics like weather, money,
and sports on Windows 10 and Windows 11. These can be turned
off and users can choose to view the information they are
interested in. For example, you can tap on “…” in the top right
corner of the weather, money or sports card and select the
option that lets you hide the card.

To restore a card, visit the experience settings page and
enable the card.

As you can see in the above and below images, Microsoft Edge
Bar lets you manage interests directly. Based on your browsing
activities, Edge Bar content will continuously improve. Like
Google Discover, you can go “Discover Interest” page to
immediately select topics of interest.

Edge Bar stories

You can also choose stories you like. To do this, simply select
More options … on any article and choose either More
stories like this or Fewer stories like this.

Microsoft is still working on Edge Bar and it is expected to
get support for two layouts –  vertical or search only.
You’ll be able to move and resize the Edge bar as you desire,
and enable autohide by simply hovering over the side of the

Microsoft Edge was recently updated with a PDF continuity
feature and more.

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