Microsoft Edge is getting better looking fonts on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge font rendering

Microsoft Edge seems to be getting a new feature that will make
the text you see on the webpage smoother, clearer, and easier
to read. The feature is called “ClearType“, which is a Windows-only
technology that improves the readability of texts, especially
on LCD monitors.

A flag for ClearType was added to Microsoft Edge with Canary
build 91.0.862.0, but it seems to have been removed with
today’s update (91.0.863.0). In the flags description,
Microsoft noted that the feature is exclusive to Windows 10 and
users can enable it to adjust the contrast and gamma settings.

“Renders text using the same contrast and gamma settings that
are used elsewhere in Windows. Run the ClearType Text Tuner to
adjust the contrast and gamma settings for the monitor. –
Windows,” the company stated in a now-deleted flag description.


If you haven’t already noticed font rendering issues in Edge,
it’s more than likely you’re not going to notice any difference
after enabling the flag. This is mainly because the feature is
only for those who use Windows 10’s optional ClearType Text

The experimental flag in Microsoft Edge will allow the browser
to respect your ClearType settings. As mentioned, ClearType
Text Tuner is built into the operating system and tweaking your
ClearType settings can help when Windows is unable to handle
font rendering for certain displays.

Once enabled, Edge will support ClearType’s multiple colour
shading and texts on some websites will appear more readable
and smoother, especially on LCD displays where fonts can often
look jagged.

Microsoft Edge 90 also shipped with font rendering improvements
last year and it’s possible that the tech giant is now trying
to improve the webpages rendering system in Edge.

Microsoft Edge gets Tab actions menu

To simplify Edge’s vertical tabs, WorkSpaces and Collections
experience, Microsoft’s browser also seems to be getting a new
Tab actions menu, a feature that will allow you to manage the

vertical tabs and collections.

Edge tab actions menu

Earlier today, Microsoft updated the Edge Canary to replace the
vertical tabs button with new Tab actions switch. When you
click on the button, a new action menu will appear on your
screen to help you access the vertical tabs, collections and
upcoming workspaces feature.

The tech giant is currently testing these improvements in the
Canary builds and it’s not yet clear when it will be enabled
for everyone.

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