Microsoft Edge is getting a new toolbar with flyout menu integration

Microsoft Edge is getting a new toolbar experience that will
allow you to access your favorites, history and collections
instantly from anywhere. The new UI is already available for
both favorites and history pages, and it’s now coming to

For those unaware,
Microsoft has been testing a favorites menu with a new tree
or flyout layout, so that you can edit, manage and search the
bookmarks without visiting the dedicated bookmark page in the

Listening to user feedback, Microsoft has now enabled the same
flyout experience for collections to provide a more consistent
and efficient way to quickly access and manage your projects.

Just like the favorites menu and history bar, a pop-up window
will now appear when you open the collections menu.

Edge collections UI

As you can see in the above screenshot, Collections will now
appear in a flyout menu and you can still save links, web page
titles, organize the content into folders, and web pages will
still show the cover images. You can also add notes about the
pages you save. And, of course, you can switch back to the old
UI by tapping on the pin icon.

The upcoming toolbar experience with new tree view or flyout
layout will you to access your history, favorites and
collections without having to go to the full page.

Microsoft Edge favorites menu

According to our testing, the new collections menu is available
for select Insiders only and it’s likely that it will be
released to everyone in the Dev and Canary channels in January.

In addition to a new toolbar experience, Microsoft is also
working on a
new feature that will stop you from closing all your tabs by
mistake. Other upcoming features include startup boost,
custom accent colour, sleeping tabs, reduced memory usage, and

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